Website Tracking & Traffic Analysis

Tracking & Traffic Analysis

Why website tracking and traffic analysis are inevitable for successful performance marketing?

Whether you want to measure the success of single campaigns or you wish to track the basic performance of your website to optimize the user experience – website tracking is the basis of successful online performance marketing.

Gathering and analyzing relevant data is not always easy. Especially if there is no internal expertise and routine with tracking concepts. This is where SlopeLift comes in to support you with the Know-How of our tracking experts.

Traffic Analysis

Analyzing traffic sources is a basic function of webtracking. Traffic analysis shows you where your users come from and which traffic source is most valuable for you. In this way you can determine which advertising channels you should invest in and which channels are not profitable for you.

Campaign and Performance Measurement

Tracking the performance of single campaigns lets you determine the value of a specific advertising activity, be it Google Ads or Bing Ads, Social Media Marketing on different platforms or display ads and RTB. You should always ask yourself: “Is this channel worth it?”.

Seamless tracking can deliver valuable numbers that provide clarification and serve as a conclusive basis for important decisions.

Data Acquisition

Acquiring and processing relevant data is the first step towards data analysis. The type of data that will be collected depends on your individual needs and the type of ad. We support you and your developers with the implementation of e-commerce tracking according to best practices (e.g. analysis via Google Analytics) and also take care of the processing of acquired data for personalized ads via Dynamic Remarketing or Dynamic Facebook Ads.

By using Google Tag Manager hardly any changes need to be made to the code of your website. Most steps that you had to perform on your own to achieve detailed website tracking can be implemented by our experts thanks to modern technology.

User Interaction

Aside from measuring campaign performance tracking also enables you to study user behaviour on your website. Different kinds of events on your website can be tracked by defining significant goals, such as button clicks, scroll depth or session duration. Analyzing this kind of data then lets you conclude how users interact with your page. Data concerning user behaviour within the sales funnel is very important. Weak user flow can be identified and optimized via Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking.

User Experience / Website Performance

Optimization based on data analysis often comes with the question which changes specifically will improve user experience and conversion rate.Thanks to tools such as Google Optimize, extensive A/B testing is possible. Different versions of one page or parts of a page can be tested against each other which makes it easier to determine which version rather leads to the desired results.

SlopeLift supports you in the analysis and with the implementation of your desired tracking. Simply contact us to arrange an initial meeting.