Shopping Ads – Increase your visibility

What are Shopping Ads?

Shopping campaigns succinctly merge image, product title, price and supplier information. They are suitable for retailers as an additional channel but also as the core of an online marketing strategy. USPs of new brands such as price and design can be easily highlighted and new customers can be acquired. But also established brands profit from Shopping Ads as the real-time offers can lead to a better performance in terms of revenue, store visits and high-quality leads.

Shopping campaigns can be managed via the Google Network, Google Ads or Double Click Search. Bing Ads lets you manage Shopping Ads for the Bing search engine while Sklik is the respective platform for the Czech search engine Seznam.

What are the advantages of Shopping Ads?

General benefits of shopping campaigns:

  • Better click-through-rates (CTR) than search ads in text format
  • Better conversion-rate thanks to product details in the ad
  • Specific keywords in real-time as ad is created on the basis of product feed
  • One supplier can place more than one product for a search query which leads to more visibility
  • Deep-Dive on product level possible through filters


We optimize your shopping campaigns

Our experts for Shopping Ads work with a feed management tool called “Feed-Dynamix”. Raw product feeds are cleaned up and optimized through continuous testing. Product titles and descriptions are manually and automatically enriched with relevant keywords in order to increase the coverage of shopping campaigns and display more relevant ads for the users. The optimized feed can then be exported for different channels, such as Facebook, Criteo, Bing Ads, Affiliate or Google Shopping Ads.

For the strategic optimization of shopping campaigns itself we don’t use external tools. Instead we develop an individual shopping model for each client to meet individual needs. In this way specific requirements such as conversion volume, margin, visibility or cost-turnover-ratio  can be incorporated into the structure and strategy of the shopping campaigns.If appropriate we use channel-specific automatization according to the channel’s best practice methods.

You’re looking for support and optimization of your shopping campaigns? Don’t hesitate to contact us and you’ll profit from the experience of our Shopping-Team.