SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimization for strong rankings and high visibility

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) improves your rankings on Google and other search engines. Better rankings make for a higher visibility and better appearance in organic search results.

SEO is no longer a solely technical discipline. With profound website optimization users should be able to find exactly what they were looking for. Usability is one of the top priorities of SEO because ultimately the search engine likes what users like.


Search Engine Optimization consists of three main areas:

  • OnPage SEO: Optimizing single pages
  • OnSite SEO: Optimizing the whole website structure
  • OffPage SEO: Optimizing outside of the website

This means that there are three main task areas that in our experience are necessary for successful SEO: content, technics and reputation.

SEO measures are always tailored to the specific needs and priorities of our clients. The following overview shows some of the services that our SEO experts provide for you in order to support you optimally on your way to success.

Research and Analysis: The basis of optimization

  • Keyword research: what are users looking for and what is there intention?
  • Target group and market research: how does the target group in the respective market behave?
  • Competitor analysis: Who are my keyword competitors?
  • Content analysis: how relevant is my content compared to my benchmarks?
  • Metadata audit: what do my titles and descriptions look like?
  • Technical audit: Crawling, indexation, pagespeed, duplicate content, internationalization, microdata mark-up, mobile, etc.,
  • Creation of individual reports based on the client’s wishes


Hands-On Search Engine Optimization

  • Metadata Optimization
  • Creation and development of content according to current search engine standards
  • SEO-friendly translations
  • Landingpage development
  • AMP Development
  • Independent work in the CMS
  • Website Launch/Relaunch support


Know-How transfer at eye-level

  • Ad-Hoc support
  • Regular calls and meetings
  • SEO-Workshops
  • Editorial workshops and instruction of copywriters
  • Interviews with client’s product experts for a better understanding of the matter