Digital Campaigns

Digitale Kampagnen

3 Steps towards tailored digital campaigns

Digital campaigns are based on 3 main pillars: the goal of the campaign, the mix of channels and a proper report. These steps seem simple enough but experience has shown us that they can be problematic. To ensure that your next campaign will be successful we have summed up our experiences in this mini-guide.

Step 1 – Defining a proper goal

Most goals are defined somewhat like this:”We want to increase our sales, more website visitors, and please with the lowest possible Cost Turnover Ratio and a super-high ROAS.” Of course, a campaign can have more than one goal. But we recommend defining whether goals are complementary, competing with or independent from each other.Here we clearly place quality before quantity. So it is better to fully reach one goal than barely reaching all of them. Take your time to evaluate your goals and to place them along the customer journey. Measures that serve only lower funnel goals are not sustainable, especially for big enterprises, and will sooner or later not be enough.

Step 2 – Finding the right channel(s)

Once you have defined the goals of your online marketing campaign you can decide which channel(s) you should use. Having set goals along the customer journey also helps in the process of selecting the right channels. Digital campaigns with Video & Display 360, Facebook or Instagram are suitable for upper-funnel measures whereas lower funnel goals can be reached with remarketing campaigns on Google Ads, bing or Facebook.

Step 3 – Creating a proper report

Once your goals and channels are set you need to decide how you want to display your results. Always ask yourself who you need to report to. Is it your team, your team leader, executives or the CEO? Online campaigns rise and fall with their report which is why you should specify how detailed your report should be and which insights it should give. Google Datastudio is a great tool for monitoring all channels you are using for your online marketing campaigns.