SlopeLift Campaign planner

Campaign Planner

Especially in a highly dynamic field of activity such as online marketing, strategic planning and transparent processes are the A&O for long-term success. With SlopeLift’s campaign planner you can create standards and keep your campaign performance transparent.

You’ve probably been there yourself: the more marketing activities you plan for your company, the more difficult it will be to keep track:

  • Information about timetables, costs, goals and budgets is hard to locate or hard to put together
  • Many marketing activities make monitoring and evaluation of campaign performance difficult
  • You receive budgets and time tables for campaigns in different formats from different sources. It becomes difficult to keep costs transparent.

It is not surprising that one gets lost in such an abundance of information that has to be ordered. This lack of transparency will even cost your business money as there is more organizing to do and there are inefficient ad budgets which could have been used more efficiently with a more transparent set-up.

To tackle these kind of problems SlopeLift has developed the campaign planner. It creates clarity and ultimately you can save time and money:

  • Plan and organize campaigns on one platform
  • Visualize your plan in real-time
  • Manage your budgets and analyze your costs
  • Analyze your campaigns and the performance of your channels
  • Standardize tracking parameters in your business to reduce the complexity of analyses.